Phaser (Mid-1970s)

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“The Dharma Sound Phaser from the mid-70s. This may be a pretty rare pedal with theories about the origin of the company. Dharma Sound [may have been] run by two designers from Colorsound in the U.K. The phaser is a super-rich sounding effect with massive depth and a single speed control. Go from slow, galactic rubber band style phasing to a fast and bubbling warble. Totally cool pedal with tons of vibe.”

“There is a trimmer inside that can alter the phase. I think it is the most organic and inspiring phase/vibe pedals ever. Checkout the cosmic graphics, a truly inspiring pedal.”

Note: I think the low sale of $21.53 needs a bit of an explanation. This sale was a UK sale only. It did not appear to ship beyond the UK. IMO, this very low price is not representative of what these have sold for when available for international sales. It was also in fair physical condition but sold as working which was great for the buyer who picked one up at an incredible price.

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