PEQ-1 (Parametric EQ)

Effect Information

“If you know what a parametric EQ sounds like read on. This one has 18 db of
boost/cut over 100Hz-3kHz. The bandwidth ranges from 7-1.5 octaves. I
love it for adding more growl (mid-to-high mids) to my fretless jazz bass, more punch (low mids) to my fretted Musicman/jazz custom, and for
making my Maxitone Fretless Archtop sound like an upright (lows and low

“Great for cutting out feedback in acoustic instruments too. Try turning the bandwidth really high and find the frequency
that is feeding back by boosting, once you find it, then cut the
frequency. One of the great contributing factors of its quality tone is
the input impedance of 1M ohm and output of 20K ohms (unheard of in
most pedals). I would have liked to have a hard bypass, but there are benefits of a solid state switch.”

“I play in a Blues band but the value of this pedal in all musical styles is
great. Guitar players can use it like a stand alone wah pedal
for emphasizing a freqency before distortion. A wah pedal is
just a parametric EQ with a foot pedal hooked up to frequency knob. In
bypass, it hardly colors my tone, but I usually have it on so I can
compensate for a room. At gigs I can punch through a “boomy” room or warm
up a dead room. Basic studio rack quality in a cheap pedal form.”

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