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“The DIY ColorSound / SolaSound “Overdriver” build and renamed the “Overloader” by the builder.
It is based on the “Overdriver” project found at Fuzz Central. The circuits in this effect use
saturated transistors instead of clipping diodes to add dirt to your
tone. The sounds are more natural than clipper type distortion

“This pedal was built using high quality parts and materials.
The transistors consist of a trio of BC109s. The jacks are from Neutrik
for a tight secure connection. The pedal features true bypass switching
so there is no tone sucking when bypassed. The pedal can be powered by
a 9V DC power supply (2.1mm center pin negative) or
battery. The controls from left to right are for level, bass, treble and gain.”

“This pedal is called an “Overloader” and is essentially an overdrive, offering that nice subtle
gain edge on a clean amp or putting more punch on a gain amp. The
controls work very nice adding noticeable tone difference depending on
your tastes. It also has a chip that can be removed or added to change
the nuance of the tone.”

been asked to describe the sound of this pedal and of course
that is really subject to how your ear interrupts the sound or tone. To my ear this pedal has just a bit of
fuzz tone to it. That being said I would say that this pedal is sort of a
cross between a fuzz tone and overdrive.”

“This is not a high gain over
the top pedal like — say a Zakk Wylde pedal but it will get quite a
bit of grit when the level and gain are cranked up. And the bass and
treble do work really well to change the tone depending on how much of
either you prefer.”

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