Overdrive (Silver Case)

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“It’s a bit noisy as is the case with some effects from this era. The most unique characteristic of this pedal is the EQ filter which allows you to “tune” the feedback to a performance room. Frank Zappa famously used the Harmonic Energizer from which the Overdrive was developed.”

“Very cool distortion pedal. More of a distortion than an overdrive to be sure. The EQ knob is very aggressive with a tight Q. It is similar to
having a wah pedal integrated into the effect. If you’re looking to cop Frank Zappa’s tone, this is the pedal. Frank Zappa used one of these from the mid-70s until his untimely death.”

“The name is misleading as it is not an overdrive pedal — it is a fuzz with a “wah” filter built in. The tone control sets the wah frequency. This is an incredible pedal for lead-playing. It spews Zappa’s lead tone in spades. It has endless sustain and truckloads of mojo.”

“The Systech Overdrive was a refinemenf of the Systech Harmonic Energizer. The addition of a volume control allows you to get sounds similar to the Harmonic Energizer at a volume that won’t damage your speakers.”

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