OVD-1 (Overdrive)

Effect Information

“The vintage early [perhaps middle] 80s Korg OVD-1 overdrive that many say is as good or better than vintage TS-808s and TS-9s. It has the venerable JRC4558DV chip and was made in Japan. This pedal is so organic you’d think it was an old tube amp cranked up. All metal, very solid, heavier than Boss/Ibanez pedals.”

“I have many overdrives and this is definitely an undiscovered gem. Basically it’s a knock-off of the Ibanez TS-808 that everyone pays $500 or more for. It sounds identical, I know, I have original 808s and have A/B’d them. It’s well built with quality components and has a the JRC4558DV chip we all love. The Korg unit can be found for absolute peanuts. An ugly pedal but at least it stands out from the crowd.”

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