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“It’s kind of hard to figure out how to make this pedal sound good.”

  • Effect adds in one octave lower to the sound
  • Edge adds an octave up
  • Dry mixes the processed signal with the unprocessed signal

“This pedal isn’t a clean octave by any means … it is a little fuzzy, but if you set it just right it sounds really cool by itself. The nice sound comes out when you throw a fuzz or distortion pedal in front of it … (overdrives do nicely also). So it’s kind of hard to figure all that out, but once you do you’ll want to play through it all day.”

“The Ibanez OT-10 Octave is most likely the rarest of the Ibanez ’10’ series. This is a pretty straight forward pedal as far as controls. Starting on the left you have the ‘effect’ knob which controls the level of the octave signal which is, of course, one octave lower than the input signal.”

“Next, the ‘edge’ knob which controls the tone, adding high end and increasing overdrive to the octave effect. The right knob labeled ‘dry’ controls the volume of the unaffected input signal.”

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