OR-01 (Rock’n Roll Overdrive and Distortion) w/Original Box

Effect Information

“The Maxon OR-01 Rock’n Roll Overdrive and Distortion is a two
channel pedal like the Boss SD-2, but much, much better.  Switches
between overdrive (“rhythm”) and distortion (“lead”) when the pedal is
pressed, or operates with remote footswitch.  Uses
9-Volt battery, or Ibanez AC-109/Boss PSA Adaptor.”

“Made in
Japan by Maxon, who made all the famous Ibanez pedals in the
1980s.  This is from the “01” series, only released in Japan. RHYTHM
channel is a clean sounding overdrive with a little more gain than a
TS-808, but a lot more full-frequency. LEAD channel
is fat sounding, highly saturated lead boost, similar to SM9 Super
Metal but smoother and not as rubbery. More like a modded JCM800 type

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