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For guitar, voice, monophonic keyboards, most reeds, and many other instruments – allowing the performer the addition of another voice without compromising the original tone. By virtue of advanced circuit design and unique stabilization techniques (patents pending), Musitronics is able to bring you a sophisticated accessory which produces a sub-octave with many of the characteristics of the original signal. When used in conjunction with other sound modifiers, the Mu-tron Octave Divider enables you to produce a whole new range of synthesizer-related sounds. A built-in ringer provides a fuzz tone in the low register and a fuzz octave up in the high register. Mix and tone controls allow you to get the right sound for your playing. The Mu-tron Octave Divider won’t miss a note on a fast run, will follow you accurately when you bend, and will give you back the same dynamics you put into your instrument. Musitronics believes this is the most satisfying Octave Divider ever to be presented to the critical ear.”

– From original Musitronics Octave Divider ad circa 1970s


Mix controls the mix between the direct signal and the effect signal

  • Tone (Lo-Hi) controls the tone
  • Ringer (On/Off) adds slight octave up and fuzz tone
  • Stabilize (On/Off) provides note tracking stability
  • Bass Only (On/Off) takes out the input signal

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