Octavcide (Octave Fuzz) w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

What the builder had to say:

“The Octavcide is a clone of the
infamous Ampeg Scrambler. The two knobs are balance and texture. The
balance knob controls the dry/wet signal while the texture knob will go
from mild fuzz to wild octave. I’ve used the finest parts available to
insure longevity and reliability.One percent metal film resistors, poly and
mylar caps, alpha pots, quality handmade PCB construction, solid black
MXR style knobs, three pdt stomp switch, and Neutrik jacks for years of happy
stomping. Unit is built for true bypass so no tone sucking here, also
features a blue LED. Operates on one (9) volt battery or optional 9vdc
power adapter. It
accepts a standard Boss style adapter 9vdc negative tip.”

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