OC-07 (Octaver) w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

“The OC-07 has four controls which can add a tone one octave and/or two octaves below to your sound. These controls are fully independent and this is apparently the only octave guitar pedal ever made with two octaves down.”

“The 1982 Pearl OC-07 pedal — made in Japan. This is one of the best octave pedals ever made and are known for their superior performance. It tracks wonderfully and provides two lower octaves and one upper octave. From the famed Pearl “Sound Spice” series of effectors. There were 12 pedals total in this series (not counting the four larger sized ones).”


  • Upper octave: adjusts the volume of the upper octave tone;
  • First octave down: adjusts the volume of a tone one octave below the original;
  • Second octave down: adjusts the volume of a tone two octaves below the original;
  • Normal: adjusts the volume of the original tone.

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