Multitone w/Original Pouch

Effect Information

“Wha-wha, distortion, treble-bass booster, repeat percussion and volume control. All these effects in one pedal. Play
it for a single wha-wha or distortion effect, or in combination with
other effects and you will discover a new world of exciting sounds.”

“I bought this because I assumed it was the same circuit as the one in
the Vox Ultrasonic/Cheetah etc… Repeater, Distortion, Treble/Bass
Boost and Wah. It’s actually slightly
different, at least where the distortion is concerned. If you want that
Spacemen 3 sound this will get you on your way.”

“Vintage Rare
EKO Multitone Distortion Fuzz, Wah-Wah, Bass and Treble Booster,
Tremolo, made in Italy. This gem features the famous, silver Trashcan
Inductor (500 stamped on it as seen in photo below) in the wah section
just like a Vox McCoy Wah. The pedal runs on two 9V batteries.”

These may have been true bypass from the factory. Here is a link to an original magazine ad for this effect.

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