Multitone w/Original Pouch and Cables

Effect Information

From a 1973 Eko catalog about the

“Wha-Wha — Distortion — Treble-bass booster —
Repeat percussion — Volume control. All these effects in one pedal. Play
it for a single wha-wha or distortion effect, or in combination with
other effects and you will discover a new world of exciting sounds.”

More comments

“I bought this because I assumed it was the same circuit as the one in the Vox Ultrasonic/Cheetah etc … Repeater, Distortion, Treble/Bass Boost and Wah. It’s actually slightly different, at least where the distortion is concerned. If you want that Spacemen 3 sound this’ll get you on your way.”

These may have been true bypass from the factory.

Here is a link to an original magazine ad for this effect as well as some discussion on Harmony Central.

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