MT-10 (Mostortion Mos-Fet Distortion)

Effect Information

“The MT-10 produces an amp-like OD/distortion with a hint of Marshall-character. It sounds very ‘civilized’ at all settings. If you don’t rip up the ‘High’-knob, it’ll produce a sweet, singing tone. Dirty/rough-sounding grind is possible, but this is not where it shines most.”

“When pushing the MT-10 into overdrive, a very musical compression appears, helping you to sustain your notes longer. At the same time, when rolling off the guitar’s volume, it cleans up nicely — very dynamic.”

“The effect produced is more overdrive than distortion, think ‘Fat OD’ at max. It suits classic Rock-styles, Blues and Fusion, and does a great job ‘pushing’ another OD-pedal. Clean boost is also no problem with the ‘Level’-knob.”

“The tone-knobs are covering exactly the frequencies you’d wish to alter. Be careful with the mighty Bass- (muddy) and High- (shrill) knobs, which are both very effective. With the mids turned up full, one can re-create the sound of a TS-808, and with the flick of three (EQ) knobs you’re in smooth-land.”

“As all knobs cover broad ranges of tone-variation, it’s always easy to adjust your tone to amp, guitar and personal preference. The great thing is that the MT-10 doesn’t ‘mush-up’ tone with something artificial — it just overdrives what’s there, while giving one the opportunity to enhance or lower parts of the freq-spectrum that may need to be adjusted.”

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