MR2 (Micro Reverb) w/Original Box

Effect Information

“The long out-of-production Guyatone MR2 Micro Reverb pedal. The MR-2 was in production for a very short period of time and was shut down to legal complications from their use of the famous Lexicon reverb chip/algorithms — which make this pedal sound insanely lush and natural. Takes a 9v battery or common Boss/1-spot style adapter.”

“The MR2 offers a good range of reverb settings via a somewhat eccentric system of switches. There is a control marked Contrast with an associated switch with positions Both and Reverb. This allows the tone of the unit to be adjusted and in the “Both” setting the Contrast adds upper frequencies to both the dry and wet signals. In the Reverb setting the EQ is only added to the wet signal.”

“The actual reverb part of the unit is offered in four ranges. Select either Short or Long mode from the S/L switch and then the depth of the reverb is controlled by the Reverb knob. If Long mode is selected then there is a further choice of three settings on another switch: Live House (short mode is described as Room), Hall and Stadium.”

“These switches are very small and virtually impossible to adjust on a dark stage. You would have to set the length of the reverb first and rely on adjusting the depth for mid-gig tweaks. The quality of sound is excellent, even on very long settings. The “unique” design is a fair compromise considering the unit’s size. The processing is quiet and silky and is a perfect addition to an amp that lacks a reverb function.”

Don’t know if the first paragraph is true but it makes for an interesting read.

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