Mold Spore Psycho-Scumatic Wah

Effect Information

“The rare Charlie Stringer Mold Spore Psycho-Scumatic Wah. These pedals are no longer in production since Charlie Stringer passed away.
Voted one of the top 50 guitar effects of all time by Guitar Player, it
gets a massive array of wah sounds, ring modulator sounds and a
combination of both. It is built like a tank and weighs the same.”

“There are three types of wah consisting of White Room, Voodoo Child (Slight Return) and
Shaft. On the Mold Spore Ring Modulator side you have many knob choices to
play with. You can set it so it is in a frozen position or so it moves
with the wah. Totally over the top and out there. Plus it has the
coolest ‘glow in the dark’ graphics and the poochie’s eyes light up when
the pedal is on. It is [perhaps] used by Kevin Shields of My Bloody

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