Square Wave (Model 1700) Distortion Generator

Effect Information

“Probably the most usable fuzz/distortion I’ve heard. Absolutely stomps on a vintage Fuzz Face. It compares favorably to my Z-Vex Fuzz Factory but much simpler. Very analog sounding and natural for a fuzz.”

“This pedal was a real surprise package. One thinks of DeArmond as making pickups — not grinding machines. The “Outer Limits” style square wave graphics on the outside should have been a hint as to the contents. The box is so … so … beige … so pastel beige!”

“The Square Wave Distortion Generator won’t win a contest for its versatility but it’s sound is consistent as hell.”

“DeArmond seems to have tuned out all mitigating “hocus pocus” opting to confront descent, straight into the heart HUGENESS! If you like the sound it won’t wimp out on you. You’ll always know what to expect when you step on the foot switch. It has the LM741CN op-amp chip in it.”

“This pedal debuted in 1977 and sold for $59.95.”

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