MOD-SCV (Stereo Chorus Vibrato)

Effect Information

“The vintage 80s Morley MOD-SCV “Stereo Chorus Vibrato” all analog pedal,
made the old way — hand soldered and hand wired. This is from their rare “Diecast” series and was their
most expensive pedal, retailing for $209.95 and that was a lot of money for the time.
Has two modes: chorus or vibrato (true pitch modulation vibrato, not
simple tremolo volume modulation).”

“Has another output jack on the back
for stereo use. Very smooth liquid analog chorus, and the best vibrato
I’ve ever heard in a pedal, sounds like an old Magnatone vibrato amp,
which are known for having the best vibrato of all vintage amps. Very
high headroom and low noise thanks to two 9V batteries inside (equals
18 volts total) or use an 18V adapter. Sounds great and very unique.”

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