MOD-FLB (Deluxe Flanger) w/Original Power Supply

Effect Information

“Early 80’s Morley Deluxe Flanger — Model FLB. All analog and low noise.
Can do everything from very wild A/DA jet plane metallic flanging
sweeps, all the way to lush watery chorus and pitch modulations, steel
drum sounds, vibe sounds, etc.”

“Very similar to the A/DA in
sound and
design (much of the schematics for both are similar, so it looks like
Morley copied much of the A/DA and then added some of their own ideas).
Uses two 9V batteries or you can use an adapter that is +18 Volts DC
(tip needs to be +positive DC). I’d say
if you want A/DA type flanging for a bargain (seeing those are going for
$300-400 — then
this is the next best thing).”

“In my opinion it is clearer, cleaner and quieter than MXR and EH flangers and hand wired too! You should see the
insides … someone worked very hard on soldering every part by
hand. The “on” red LED light flashes to the speed and depth of the
flanging too. Very heavy duty solid metal case.”

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