MOD-D1B (Distortion 1)

Effect Information

“This sounds somewhere between a really huge, bright, punchy,
in-your-face EH Big Muff and the MXR Distortion Plus. This one has much
less of a mid-range hump than the MXR Distortion Plus and makes for a full frequency assault.”

“It is very similar to the MXR Distortion Plus with two knobs for output (volume) and distortion and uses a 741 op-amp with
output clipping diodes which provides more gain and volume
than the MXR. This pedal can go from mild overdrive and treble boost to all out fuzz.”

“Vintage Morley Distortion One MOD-D1B pedal. This pedal can do everything from smooth overdrive to muff-style fuzz. UA741TC op amp. Built like a brick.”

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