MOD-AER Echo 300 (Analog Echo Reverb)

Effect Information

“Up to 330 milliseconds delay like the
AD-80, the Morley MOD-AER uses a Panasonic MN3005 chip and the MN3101 clock driver, a high voltage
BBD chip that is long extinct — and highly sought after for the extra
headroom it creates with its extra voltage. The extra voltage enables a
more accurate, full-frequency reproduction of the input signal, and a
more balanced powering of the circuit.”

“The the only noise I noticed was
a slight high-pitched tone on the longest delay setting, which I won’t
use. I’ve heard it can be tweaked out with the internal trim pots. Really thickens up my tone and smooths out the
bite of the amp and pickups. An unexpected bonus was how it adds a
slight signal boost when on. Morleys
are known for no signal-loading and keeping the tone pure.”

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