MM-2 (Metal Master) w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

“Ouch! I should have guessed this pedal would be painful, with its black
and red crackle finish and a name like that. The MM-2 has easily as much
boost as the HR-2 but sounds even harder and brighter. This unit
differs from the others as it has a certain amount of tone control in
the form of a three-position switch offering different EQ curves.”

“The first
is for a boosted midrange, the second is flat and the third for a cut
(or scooped) midrange. The first position warms things up but there is
no escaping this is brutal stuff; position two is a little nondescript,
but more equally balanced for lead and chord work; the final position
gives that full-on thrash tone and if you are going to buy a pedal like
this then you might as well use it to its fullest, nastiest extreme. Be
warned, the unapologetically fierce tone gives the impression of playing
under water when you bypass to your clean sound!”

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