MK-3 w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

A testimonial from a recent ebay listing or perhaps from the Skin
Pimp website

“Built to ultra high standards using top notch components, and N.O.S.
germanium transistors. The Skin Pimp MKIII is Ryan Kirkland’s take on
the Vox MKIII fuzz from the late 60’s with the addition of a 3 way mini
toggle switch that allows the player to switch from Fat (Bass Boost),
Thin (Treble Boost), and Chub (Mid Boost). All three positions of the
toggle will interact with the tone and fuzz controls in their own
special way. There is no bad setting on this pedal so have fun and find
your own signature fuzz tone. Built on a hand made wooden turret board.
This pedal is a work of art inside and out. This one is already a
personal favorite of mine!” 

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