(MK-1) Guv’nor (Korea)

Effect Information

“The Guv’nor was a brilliant effort to create a full-featured overdrive
pedal worthy of its Marshall heritage. Personally named by Jim Marshall
himself, “The Guv’nor” is British slang for “The Leader,” or a
musician’s expression in the UK meaning “The Ultimate.”

state technology was used to “unleash a stunning variety of the
best-sounding classic and contemporary distortion sounds known to man,”
according to an article introducing the Guv’nor in the Vol. 6, No. 1
issue of Marshall Law from 1989. Everything is housed in a tough,
steel-reinforced case.”


  1. GAIN
    This controls the intensity of the drive and will provide a stunning
    range of overdrive selections. Lower settings will give a simple volume
    boost, while advanced settings will provide screaming solo sounds.

  2. BASS – Controls the lower frequencies giving a range from thudding, heavy rhythm, to tight and punchy solo response.
    – This control provides the key to an unbelievable range of distortion
    tones. When backed off, the sound is smooth and fat for more lyrical
    blues/rock playing styles. Increasing the contour changes the character
    of the mid-response and enhances the treble and bass frequencies.

    – High end response control which tailors the attack and enhances the
    harmonic content. All three EQ controls are truly interactive, letting
    the player dial in anything from hard-driving, modern Marshall
    distortion, to the sweet, syrupy sustain of classic vintage models.

  5. LEVEL – Provides control of the overall level and amount of boost.
  6. SWITCH – On/off switch to bypass or activate the pedal with indicator LED to show the status

Great description from someone — can’t vouch for the authenticity of the Jim
Marshall observation but nonetheless an interesting story.

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