Mini Bi-Comp w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

“This is the Analogman Mini Bi-Comp.  There is no difference in the large Bi-Comp and this one.  Only the size.  This Compressor sounds amazing.  Blows the Keeley out of the water.  I have had both and the Analogman sounds and performs the best.  This pedal is flawless, sounds great, works perfect, and built like a tank.  Analog Mike makes the best pedals.  The “Juicer” side is my favorite.”

“The Mini
Bicomp has exactly the same features as the pre-2003 BICOMP it just takes
less real estate on your pedalboard. Same size as juicer or small comp
(2.5″ x 4.75″ x 1.5″ not including jacks, switch, etc). The only
difference between the mini bicomp and the new four knob bicomp, is the ATTACK control
is on the inside. Works on battery or 9V DC adaptor.”

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