Millenium Overdrive w/Original Box

Effect Information

“Hand built in the finest Austone
tradition. As with all Austone products, the circuitry is discrete and
the components are hand-selected and individually tested. One year of
research and testing results in an overdrive that is transparent and
touch-sensitive. Transparency maintains the tone of the amp when the
pedal is switched on. Touch-sensitivity means that the tone can be
controlled by the picking hand.”

“Unlike many mass produced products, the
MILLENNIUM OVERDRIVE will not compress your signal. Also cleans up
nicely when the guitar volume is rolled off. Many players leave it on
all the time! Rolling the tone down takes you into woman-tone territory
and rolling it up gets the bite needed to cut through on lead breaks.”

“With the DRIVE control at lower setting,
the pedal reacts like a small tube amp turned way up. That is, it is
clean until you drive the string harder then it overdrives. As you
advance the Drive Control you get into British tone territory sounding
like Cream era E.C. with lots of screaming sustain. The level to the
amp, or next pedal, is controlled by the OUTPUT control. Each unit is
tested for 1Volt of output, so there’s plenty of output!”

OVERDRIVE comes complete with true-bypass switching, as with all
Austone products. Each unit comes standard with a cool blue active LED
indicator. The housing is the same heavy-duty polished aluminum box that
has long been identified with Austone products. This is quickly
becoming the overdrive of choice for pros.”

Jon Byron Bessent of Austone Electronics passed away in 2009. The
information presented above certainly must have come from his website or
some other marketing materials. You can read Jon’s obituary here.

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