MFZT-1 (Fuzztain)

Effect Information

“This mid-to late 70s solid aluminum pedal has the unique design of allowing you to
adjust the compression/gain and volume mid-song on stage with your feet.
The Fuzztain gives you that great Maestro fuzz sound with the addition
of adjustable compression. The result is a really smooth fuzz that seems
to go on forever.”

“Sounds identical
to a Maestro Fuzz pedal in “soft mode” but I personally love the sustain
pedal as a clean compression — it has a nice vibe that I can’t get out
of other compression pedals. I’ve used it just as much as a “clean
boost” as a fuzz pedal. Also, the “hard” setting just sounds INSANE
once cranked up. So it actually offers a few neat tricks.”

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