MESSDrive (Bass Fuzz)

Effect Information

“This is a bass guitar fuzz pedal known as the MessDrive. Now manufactured by
Zeibek Boutique Guitar Pedals.”

“MessDrive is designed
for bass guitars, it is not just another fuzz pedal modified to be used
with a bass. A bass fuzz pedal that doesn’t kill the low end and in fact adds a solid bottom.”

to the input transformer it works well with both active and
passive instruments. The sound is very organic, yet synth-like at the
same time.”

“The ‘heavy’
setting is more of a medium gain fuzz, while the ‘mild’ setting sounds more
tame with the hints of a gated fuzz varied by the strength of the input

Archived past online sales data:

Effectsfreak legacy website (includes sales data 4/2008 - 4/2021)

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