Maestro FZ-1 (Replica)

Effect Information

“The Creepy Fingers Effects FZ1 clone. Made with NOS 60s germanium
transistors. This pedal is what Keith Richards used in Satisfaction (the
opening guitar riff). The knob on the left is fuzz level. The knob on
the right is volume (when turned full counter clockwise, it clicks into
the off position so that you do not have to disconnect from line of

“The three way switch in the middle is a tone switch. When in the
middle position, you get the original sound. When up, you get more
bottom end. When down, you get even more bottom end. This pedal is the
only pedal that operates on a AA battery instead of the usual 9V. This
is how the original Gibson Maestro FZ1 came. This pedal is awesome!”

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