Maestro Filter Sample Hold Clone

Effect Information

“A clone of the vintage Maestro Filter
Sample Hold
with expanded features on a modern PCB — essentially two effects in one pedal. This build retains all the sounds and quirks of the original Maestro.”

“The first, an envelope filter with a very smooth low pass filter makes it sound synthy and resonant — very
Moog-like. It has controls for filter range, resonance, attack, and
decay. Like many filters, some lower knob settings will produce no
effect, the controls are highly interactive and dependent on a wide
range of potential inputs.”

“The Sample Hold is a random step filter
effect with controls for speed and it shares the resonance control
with the filter side — introducing bloops, pops and robot sounds. Just like the
original, during use, the steps can randomly lock up due to minor
variations in control voltage. Solution? Just wiggle the
speed knob and it regains its stride
. 40 years on and on one can engineer
this quirk out of this classic.”

“Recommend that you switch it
to filter mode or turn down the speed knob when bypassing to avoid LFO
bleed through. True bypass, raw aluminum enclosure and powered by a standard Boss style
9V adaptor. Additionally,
there are two trim pots inside that can be used to fine tune and
calibrate the Sample Hold feature to your liking. They have subjective

I had no idea what LFO meant so I found a possible definition. Anyone know if this is correct? :

term low-frequency oscillation (LFO) is an audio signal usually below
20 Hz which creates a pulsating rhythm rather than an audible tone. LFO
predominantly refers to an audio technique specifically used in the
production of electronic music.”

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