(M-210) Junior w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

“The MXR Model 210 “Junior” is one of the most unique effects pedals ever
created! Part of MXR’s 2000 series, the Junior was first put into
production in 1984 and incorporated the latest digital technology of the
era. The pedal itself produces four different sounds (shaker, hand
clap, bass drum and laser) that have controllable tempos. In effect, this
pedal is a very simple drum machine though the sonic possibilities of
these sounds have much greater potential.”

“The Junior also has a trigger
input so that you are able to plug another device in to trigger
Junior’s effects. When it was conceived, the Junior has the ability to
load other effects by swapping out ROM memory cards that were available
from MXR during it’s production. These cards are almost impossible to
find these days but the Junior does not suffer at all from lack of
additional sounds. This pedal has tremendous application potential and
in the right hands could be a very powerful solo or accompaniment tool.”

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