M-206 Series 2000 Time Delay w/Original Packaging

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“Somewhat rare MXR Series 2000 Time Delay analog effect manufactured from 1982-84. A very lush, smooth analog delay like the MXR Carbon Copy but quieter than the Carbon Copy as well as the Boss DM-2. All metal heavy case, made in the USA, larger and heavier than a boss pedal. This pedal has metal mounted controls and jacks and is not to be confused with the (in some opinions) inferior cheap plastic MXR Commande Series pedals also called “time delay” but with cheap board mounted parts.”

key to the super smooth low noise delay sound of this pedal is the very rare SAD4096 analog delay IC chip. It has the usual three knobs for delay time, mix, and regen. There is an input and two outputs. If output one is used, you get a mix of delay and dry signal controlled by the mix knob.”

“When output two is used you get all wet delay only. When you use both outputs, the mix knob can pan the blend of wet and dry outputs in between the two jacks from fully panned wet/dry and then back to mono wet/dry mixed, and anywhere in between. Very unique if using two amps or two mixer channels panned L/R. Also very neat and different is the two LEDs. Red is for effect on, and yellow is effect off.”

“The foot switch is also very unique. It is not a mechanical switch like all other pedals, so there are no moving parts to break or wear out. It uses a piezo vibration sensor that senses the touch of your foot hitting it, just like a piezo acoustic guitar bridge senses string vibration.”

“Mine also came with the original box, no instructions though. I paid $70 out the door, from a local pawnshop. It was purchased in December 2017. It is the best pedal type analog delay I’ve ever used. I’ve owned a Boss DM-1 and a DOD FX 90 in the past, in my opinion this pedal blows both of those away.”

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