(M-203) Series 2000 Flanger

Effect Information

“From 1984, this flanger is one of the more quiet pedals (even when engaged) I have used. However, strike a chord and WHAM … big time flange. Has an old Reticon R5106 chip, the chip alone is vintage and rare and can sell around $20 and up. This chip may be the little brother to the RET SAD1024 chip (to be clear this pedal does not have the 1024 chip).”

“True stereo outputs, not just two jacks for wet + dry. In mono, I actually like the sound of the #2 output alone in mono better than the #1 output, and in stereo with both jacks it gives a wide spacial stereo spread that is never over the top or swooshy. This is more of a lush clear flange that can sound like a chorus too.”

“It does not get extreme jet swoosh sounds like the other common MXR Flanger. This one is more useable for sounds you can actually use all the time like you would a chorus pedal, and not that metallic jet takeoff effect that gets old quick.”

“Also neat and different are the two LEDs. Red is for effect on, and yellow is effect off … so kind of  like a stop light. I don’t know of any other pedal that does the LEDS like that. And the foot swtich is also very unique.”

“It is not a mechanical switch like all other pedals, so there is no switch to break or wear out. It uses a piezo vibration sensor under a moving footplate
that senses foot vibration stepping on it, like a piezo acoustic guitar bridge senses string vibration, pretty ingenious.”

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