(M-166) Commande Series Time Delay w/Box

Effect Information

“This one is actually cooler than it looks. This is from the MXR Commande
Series of the early 80s. The idea was to produce a less expensive line
of pedals using PCB-mounted jacks and a plastic housing. They weren’t
very popular.”

“The effects themselves (circuit-wise) were reasonably good though. The MXR Time Delay is a great example of that. It’s a real analog delay
that uses the Reticon SAD4096 BBD (same chip used in the DOD 680 Analog
). The chip itself is rare and expensive, and they usually cost
about as much as the price of this pedal.”

“How does it sound? Dark, murky, ambient and definitely lo-fi. But of
course, that’s what people are often looking for in an analog delay.
Because of the plastic housing and cheap hardware, the MXR Time Delay is
a great candidate for a rehouse project.”

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