(M-162) Commande Series Pre Amp (White Case)

Effect Information

“I don’t know why they discontinued this model, to me it is more versatile than the standard
MXR Micro Amp because it has a tone pot. But basically the same deal: a low output boost. Put it before an amp and you get that little extra edge that 90% of us love for our solos. And if you don’t? Put it in your effects loop and you will get the cleanest boost imaginable. No extra distortion … just your tone, but louder. And the bonus of being able to tweak your tone if you want.”

“This is one of the best boost pedals out there as it is clear, transparent and versatile. Excellent warm analog tones, great for pushing a tube amp into saturation. The key with this effect is the added tone control. You can add treble or bass to boost your signal. That feature really makes this pedal shine.
Your instrument’s natural tone will be heard through this pedal with no coloration.”

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