(M-143) Limiter

Effect Information

From old MXR advertising literature

“That’s exactly what we’ve
designed the new MXR Limiter to bea compact and rugged
“no-nonsense” AC-powered signal processor which, for the first time,
gives musicians the same controls found on studio-rackmountable
limiters with no compromise in terms of performance.”

“With electric guitar, bass
or keyboards, the Limiter can add noise-free sustain, punch without
pumping and a more focussed attack. Its state-of-the-art circuitry
makes possible the level of performance you have come to expect from
MXRsmooth, clean sound without the slightest amount of coloration.
The sound of your instrument is enhanced, not covered up.”

The unit is AC only and it is very subtle and sounded a lot better than the Dynacomp that I used to have before I bought it.”

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