(M-142) Distortion II

Effect Information

“The MXR Model
142 was manufactured from approximately 1978 to 1984 when MXR was
acquired by Dunlop. Production stopped around 1984 prior to the sale to
Dunlop. The 142 was never reissued by Dunlop as other classic MXR pedals

“Although it is the same mustard color as the ubiquitous
Distortion +, the circuit design is completely different and although
they share the “distortion” moniker they sound nothing alike. The 142
was designed to emulate an over driven amp pushing a 4-12 cabinet.”

resonance control provides a signal with a 55hz centered hump or
pass-band that could be added to the basic over driven sound. 55hz is
the resonant frequency of the old Celestion G12-M speakers loaded in
many Marshall cabinets.”

Great read. Perhaps true. No idea of the original source. If you do, feel free to comment.

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