(M-120) Envelope Filter w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

“The MXR Envelope Filter is a professionally designed, competitively
priced tone modifier which enables you to create a wide variety of
“wa-wa” sounds. The Envelope Filter is a voltage-controlled, low-pass
filter in which the upper cutoff frequency is determined by the
amplitude, or level of the input signal. The louder the signal, the
higher the cutoff frequency.”

“The loudness of the signal therefore
controls the “brightness” of the sound.
Two controls are provided on the MXR Envelope Filter. A Threshold
control varies the sensitivity of the filtering action. An Attack
control varies the attack time of the filter. At full clockwise
position, the filter responds almost instantaneously.”

“Longer attack
times serve to create a “wa” at the beginning of each note played.
The MXR Envelope Filter may be used with any electric keyboard or
stringed instrument, including guitar, bass, piano, and clavinet. The
Envelope Filter will add variety and expression to both solo and
accompanying performances.”

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