Led Bender (MK-II Tone Bender Replica) w/OC71 Transistors & Original Packaging

Effect Information

“This pedal was handmade by Tony Castellucci. His build quality is second to none. He uses only top shelf components and his finished products speak for themselves. He is a huge Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page fan and his pedals are built for those type of tones. The silk screen on the top of the pedal tells it all.”

“During Led Zeppelin One — Page used a Tone Bender MKII. This effect is that tone with some added advantages. The pedal has the normal volume and fuzz knobs, but Tony has added an additional knob for tone “treble boost or cut”. He has also added “on the side of the pedal” a knob for bias which changes the characteristic of the tone once again.”

“Also included is a toggle switch which adds or removes a cap and makes it WAH friendly, or to the vintage spec. This pedal has tropical fish caps for some extra mojo — and oc71’s. This is a killer fuzz pedal.”

Archived past online sales data:

Effectsfreak legacy website (includes sales data 4/2008 - 4/2021)

MK-II Tone Bender Clone w/OC81D Transistors (2009)
MK-III Tone Bender Replica

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