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“The Yamaha JX-30 40 watt solid state amp with a 12” speaker. All the features you
would expect out of a little combo amp. I like the gain control, pull
the knob for a boost. Also has basic EQ controls and a pretty “phat”
sounding reverb. I got it for practicing, but it obviously has more
than enough power for playing moderate sized venues.”

“I like
to play Blues and Jazz, this little amp seems to have a sweet sound
for those styles. The well-made box is rugged, brown in color with
corner protection. Controls on top front and angled (up) 12″
speaker below. The solid state amp has two inputs, high and low,
pull-gain volume, master volume, three equalizer controls, reverb
(mechanical) and headphone output. I use the amp for practice, it has
plenty of power (probably 30 watts).”

“This amp sounds like
a tube amp and I read (somewhere) these amps were bought and (may have been) used at Berkley College of
Music for practice amps. The distortion may be (one of the) the early Tube Screamer
chip(s). Amp size is 17″ tall, 18″ wide by 8″ deep.”

JX-30 specs:

  • Two channels (inputs) High and lLow
  • 40 watts, reverb, midrange extended EQ
  • Solid state
  • 3 band EQ
  • Master volume
  • Push pull gain/volume
  • SS reverb
  • Headset output jack
  • Small and lightweight
  • 1×12 speaker

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