JHF-2 (Fuzz Face) w/NKT-275 Transistors

Effect Information

“This is the Dunlop JH-F2 Fuzz Face with original NKT 275 transitors. This is the hard to
find JHF2 model Jim Dunlop Fuzz face pedal that was issued in the
1990’s list $219.00 . Pedal is in perfect condition. Sound is great.
Warm sustaining fuzz which cleans up as your turn the volume of you
guitar down. Has volume and fuzz pots and a switch. Uses a 9 volt
battery ( not included ) I usually have the volume set up all the way
and the fuzz at half way. This thing gets pretty loud when turned up all
the way! I use it with a Cry Baby pedal and a Univibe ala Jimi Hendrix.

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