JFM-100 (Jet Flanger and Filter Matrix) w/Original Box

Effect Information

“The “Jet Flanger & Filter Matrix JFM-100” from Coron, Japan. It was made in approx. 1980. The pedal is very rare and features an additional jet function. This is actually a very nice fuzz section, which can be used with or without the flanging effect.”

“The pedal creates a mild chorus sound to a nearly jet flanger — sound. If you mix it with the jet/distortion sound, you even get a very aggressive tone. It is pretty much a fuzz “jetalyser” with a switch for cutting off the jet and
setting it as a filter.”

“You can switch off the LFO (Rate=0). In this mode (Filter Matrix) you can use the unit as a filter. The unit works with two 9V block batteries or a external 18V DC power supply. Sounds incredible — mild and aggressive deep flanging sound.”

The controls:

  • Filter Matrix turns the LFO wave on and off (for manual flanging = filter matrix)
  • Width Shift switches between a small and bigger shift for the flanger
  • Speed controls the speed/rate of the LFO wave that controls the flanger
  • Width controls the depth of the LFO wave that controls the flanger
  • Feedback controls the feedback/resonance of the flanger
  • Jet Level controls the amount of distortion
  • Normal/Flanger switches the effect on/off
  • Jet On/Off turns the distortion on/off


Video Demo

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