JC-120 (Jazz Chorus) (1980s)

Effect Information

“Anyone that knows anything about the JC-120 already knows it’s the “Holy Grail” of chorus amps. What most people do not know is how difficult it is to date these amps and that they differ from year to year in appearance, circuitry and output.

From the information I painstakingly gathered from various sources, I determined this one was manufactured in the USA between 1984 -1989. The ones made in these years (made famous by James Hetfield of Metallica) have the best chorus/reverb circuitry and have the most raw power than all the rest.

The JC-120 is really two independent 60W amps working together in stereo and is ideal for use with a stereo guitar or other instrument that utilizes 2- channel circuitry.”

This was edited from an eBay listing that I found to be informative on these iconic amps. May have had a positive effect on the final sale price. Perhaps these original 80s versions are the best.

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