J-6000 Creator (Sustain & Volume Control) w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

“The rare Jordan Creator 6000 Volume Sustain pedal circa 1971. This is a super fuzzy monster — think Billy Corgan, the Fender
Blender and mostly the iconic EH Triangle Muff.”

“Urban legend
has it that an EH Triangle Muff was brought into the Jordan Shop and
owner, Mr. Cole, and his employees liked it so much that the Jordan
Creator is a result. Other modifications were made to suit Mr. Cole’s
tastes. It’s like having an old Triangle Muff with your foot controlling
the volume.”

“This pedal screams, rips, shreds, dive bombs, does the Blender,
Muff, and Super Fuzz. It’s also a volume pedal as well, so maybe more
utilitarian than the others. The two controls include Sustain and Tone.”

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