Ice It (Guitar Amp)

Effect Information

“From 1997 the DOD G-28 “Ice-IT” solid state guitar amplifier. 2×8″ speakers. Built-in DOD Chorus. Spring reverb. Clean and Drive Channels. Made in Sandy, Utah. The clean channel is great. Like a lot of budget amps, the drive channel is so-so. Chorus and Reverb sound good.”

“Specs say 60 watts, but I’m not so sure about that. Maybe 2×15 watts or 2×20 watts. Anyway, it’s good for practice and sounds good at low volume. You can play and watch TV. Sounds best if placed on a plastic crate or something similar. Weighs 19 lbs. Dimensions: 20x12x8.”

  • 2-8″ speakers
  • 60 watts (maybe?)
  • Reverb and chorus
  • 2 channel, clean/dist
  • Separate clean vol/dist gain and vol controls
  • Pedal jack/external source jack/headphone jack

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