Hundred 115

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“If not you’re familiar with these amps they are
the 1980s Yamaha version of the Fender Twin Reverb. They were designed
by Paul Rivera and made in six speaker variations: 2-10’s, 4-10s, 1-12”, 2-12’s,
1-15” and a 4-12. This is the 1-15” version and they’re 100% solid state. These amps produce a plethora of different sounds
and are treasured by Jazz players.”

Pat Metheny used this model when touring
and recording. If you’re a rocker, use your modeling pedal and you’ll be
blown away by the clear power this amp gives you while producing your favorite
tones. This amp has similar power to my Fender Twin  but it’s way more
versatile tone wise. I appreciate the direct out for recording purposes.”

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