Hot Tubes (V1) w/Alternative Red & Black Graphics

Effect Information

“The Electro-Harmonix Hot Tubes “Amplifier Overdrive Simulator”
distortion pedal. The Hot Tubes is one of the gnarleyist sounding
distortions I have ever used and it is very versatile. This pedal goes
from slightly overdriven tones to all out fuzz, with a wide range of
very cool tones in between. It sags like an overdriven amplifier which
is why they called it the “Hot Tubes.”

I believe they
were made from 1978-1984 and there is precious little information out
there on the Internet about this effect. I own one and like it. They are
infrequent on eBay — at least one a month — so somewhat rare. Some
have appeared with original packaging. They may have been designated the U-77.

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