Harmonic Energizer w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

Sorry — no photo. This was posted before I had the capacity to upload photos. If you have a photo showing this effect and perhaps its original packaging please post in the Disqus section.

Here is the original eBay listing. I have no idea if any of this is true:

“This is the legendary
Harmonic Energizer pedal from Systech (Systems and Technology in Music,
Inc.). It gets high ratings on internet reviews
and has been described as “rare as hen’s teeth”. It was used by several
big name guitar players of that period. Systech states that
the “Harmonic Energizer is a further step in a product originally
developed … for Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.” The Systech
info sheet also lists Joe Walsh as a Systech endorser.”

“The name
probably most closely associated with the Harmonic Energizer is
Frank Zappa. This was one of his favorite pedals, though he may have modified it
so all his pedals would be on one power source for a clean signal.
Dweezil Zappa is currently touring with Frank’s old equipment, and this
pedal is one that is mentioned in an interview about the tour.

  It is powered either by a 9V battery
or with an optional (not included) external power supply. This is a
new-old stock unit that comes in a Systech box (the box was switched
with another at some point, whether in the store or before I don’t
know, the serial numbers don’t match). It also has an info sheet that
looks like it was mimeographed.

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