Harakiri Fuzz (Univox Super-Fuzz Replica)

Effect Information

“This is an exact clone of a vintage Shin-ei/Univox Super-Fuzz made by one of the best vintage fuzz producers around.  For those of you unfamiliar with a vintage Super-Fuzz, think of the Who Live at Leeds searing lead tone that sounds like an amp running on the ragged edge.  That’s a Super-Fuzz.” 

Features include:

  • Volume, scoop, and fuzz adjustments (scoop allows you to blend mids in and out of the signal to fine-tune the sound)
  • True bypass switching
  • On/off indicator LED
  • External 9 volt power jack

“Just to be clear since it has been asked a few times.  Although Brad from Creepy Fingers does offer point-to-point versions of many of his pedals, the Harakiri is not one of them.  This pedal is only available in a circuit board version.  The one ad I’ve found online that lists a Harakiri as PTP is inaccurate.”

Here is the explanation straight from Brad Davis of Creepy Fingers:

“With the Harakiri it is not possible to do point-to-point. Three transistor circuits are the max in general for that way of doing it. It is handwired though.”

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