Green Ringer (Musitronics Version)

Effect Information

“If a single note is played into the Ringer it will produce a second tone — one octave above the original note. If two notes are played — depending on the musical interval between the notes the additional tones produced will be harmonically related to the original notes (such as sub-octaves) or dissonant. The Ringer gives the musician much better control over the effect produced than a conventional ring modulator since he is no longer playing against an arbitrary modulator frequency.”

“When playing higher single notes, you really hear the octave/harmonic effect.  It is wired to be placed at the amplifier position, but by changing the wiring (as shown on the back of the unit), you could place it at the guitar input location.  The off position creates a straight-thru (non-effect) tone.”

“This unique ring modulator produces an octave above when only a singular note is played, however, a combination of two of more notes produces both the sum and difference between the multiple notes. Made by Musitronics Corp. (Mu-Tron) the company perhaps best known for their colorful envelope filter (the Mu-Tron III), amazing octave divider and great phaser units. The Dan Armstrong “Sound Modifier” small effects unit line, which were denoted by color, includes; the Orange Squeezer, Green Ringer, Purple Peaker, Red Ranger, the Blue Clipper, etc., all of which were designed to plug directly into the guitar or amp. Constructed from extruded aluminum square tubing riveted with painted cover plate, this extremely simple effects unit has a male hard-wired 1/4? output jack and a single mini-toggle control. A unique ring mod/octave pedal, it’s simplicity enhances the tone quality.

“This vintage effect from about 1976 gives a fuzz effect on single notes and a ring modulation sound on two or more notes.”

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