Germacide Multi-Frequency Booster w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

“The Homebrew Electronics H.B.E. Germacide is an “elaborated” Dallas
Rangemaster style germanium treble booster with cool, well-thought-out
features. It offers multiple frequency options for its boost, so H.B.E.
calls it a “multi frequency booster.”

“The Germacide has two foot switches (On-Off and More), two knobs (Gain
and Level), a five-position rotary switch (Freq.), and a Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi toggle
switch. The Freq. switch selects five frequency contours for whichever
mode you are in (Hi-Fi or Lo-Fi). Hi-Fi mode is a wider-ranged boost,
and Lo-Fi mode is the peakier Rangemaster-style response curve.”

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